How Much Does The Alcohol Detox Facilities Cost In Texas

what is alcohol withdrawal scale

Recognising Realistic Strategies In Alcohol Detox

Jankovsky said he hoped the county and Recovery Resources could get a Garfield County detox center running in the next year. Duhon said that 40 percent of Recovery Resources’ admissions were successfully transitioned into treatment, an important step in achieving recovery in a patient beyond the initial detox. “The number of alcohol and substance abuse patients, and behavioral health patients in crisis, they are overwhelming our emergency department. There is no question about it,” said Ben Peery, medical director at Valley View’s emergency department. “We are your detox center, but at a tremendous cost to the community.” Kathy Whitman, Valley View substance abuse and crisis coordinator, said this year the hospital has seen 206 emergency-room cases related to substance abuse and intoxication. Of those, 137 were people already showing alcohol withdrawal symptoms, 12 stemmed from substance abuse, 39 were cases of people over the legal limit of blood-alcohol content and 18 were people who came in seeking detox. Using the detox beds in Pitkin County would be a great first start to alleviate Garfield County’s problem, as it’s easier to transport them to Aspen than find how can a drug addict be rehabilitated anywhere else, said Whitman. Recovery Resources’ “program is one of the more successful ones I’ve seen in 10 years,” said Peery. “They’ve made huge strides with very difficult patients. It’s impressive.” “We are very excited at Valley View about the model they are presenting,” he said. “We are 100-percent willing to partner with that, because it’s such an encompassing process.” Duhon said Recovery Resources has frequently received calls from people in Garfield County trying to place someone in their Aspen detox, but they’ve had to turn them away.

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